A Vision of Thanks

Madrone tree, Orcas Island in late November sun
Finally the crisp, clear winter days when the sun permeates a palette of intense pastels at sunset. Comfort food consumption goes up as I aim to stay in motion. 
With the onset of winter I think about health and family more; as well as the well being of others in my community. I would like to think that this is trend in modern humanity. Breaking out of the ridiculousness of materialistic pursuits and overindulgence and embracing a simpler, more active, productive, and planned lifestyle. 
I believe that true 'living' means constant catharsis, changing one's outlook, re-education, and listening to inner intuition.
Not your everyday roof-top! Room for play and more
During the holiday season especially; it is important to feel good and be able to project it outward. It is easy to caught up in the routine of life and not the experience. I feel like I am always working; trying to secure clients and projects in effort to make a living. These are once again times of 'boom' in Seattle. I am grateful for it!

Since it is no longer a torturous time for my industry I am striving to shift more gears, push some creative boundaries, and finally; approach life in a more holistic manner to connect people with their outdoor spaces and communities.
Gather around the warmth! Functional fire-features are HOT 

When we are young children we tend to dream and think we can do anything, which we all could; depending on some factors.Then things change and there are causes and effects. Of course we are not all equally dealt the same hand. What always matters more is how we use what have and found, have worked for, and earned. I used to resent growing up with less; even feeling inferior at times, but I grew into a place where it does not affect me and I am better for it.
So here and now, in my lovely little world that is what I am most grateful for this Thanksgiving!
I find such beauty in the small comforts at home, in my community, and through making future travel plans. All feels well and good inside and out. Happy Thanksgiving! 
Looking forward to wintry days! Plain, WA

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